Below are the worksheets we have developed for Teachers, Tutors, Parents and Students to improve multiplication skills. These have been specifically designed to assist in learning about multiplication by 3 and range from 3 x 1-10 through to 3 x 1-100 to cover a wide range of abilities, or for extending students looking for more of a challenge. Other multiplication numbers and ranges are available throughout the site.  

Our resources are available in PDF format for download or printing. We have a range of blank and completed teaching templates. Happy educating!

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3 Times Table Worksheets

3 Times Tables up to 10


3 Times Tables up to 12


3 Times Tables up to 20


3 Times Tables up to 50


3 Times Tables up to 100


3 Times Multiplication Tables

Click on the link below for a selection of three times tables in the range of 3 x (1-10) through to 3 x (1-100). All tables are suitable to print or download in PDF format.

Color or Black and White Tables are available.